Become a Mentor

Signing up to become a mentor is a great way for Coventry University Group students, faculty members and even members of industry to give back to the student community. It's also fantastic for improving your own knowledge as well as important professional skills such as empathy, communication and coaching.

What is the opportunity?

The University has partnered with the software platform, Vygo, to offer newall students a way to connect with current students when joining University.  As an experienced student, we are offering the opportunity to train you as a mentor so you can help guide first-year students starting this September.

As a mentor, your role would be helping someone to transition into university life at Coventry. As part of this, you would typically might be providing tips and tricks on getting started at university, or insight into managing workloads and module or course-specific questions. We are sure you might also find you are At some points, you might just be able to simply offer guidance on finding the best coffee or great place something to eat near in your corner of the campus. To find out more about the benefits of mentoring, have a look at Vygo’s help centre here

How does it work? 

  1. Register interest by completing the Mentor Application
  2. Complete the Mentor Training so you feel equipped and confident in your new role. This does take approx 1hr but our mentors do tell us how important and helpful this is! 
  3. You will then be added your faculty’s programme and we’ll send over some instructions on how to get started with Vygo 
  4. Set up your profile and answer the peer matching quiz questions 
  5. Become an awesome mentor!  A mentee will reach out to you via direct message or 1-1 video session requests. 

How much of my time is needed? 

This is entirely up to you - some weeks you might just need to respond to a message or two, and on others, you might decide to have a 30 or 60 mins mentoring session booked in. To find out more about changing your availability status, have a look here.

What’s in it for me?

1) Mentoring experience added to your CV

2)  Mentor Training recognised with an Open Badge. Open Badges provide real time recognition of new skills and knowledge that can be shared across online platforms such as LinkedIn. 

3) Be part of a mentor community with events and workshops 

What’s the next step if I want to become a mentor?

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, just complete the form and fill in your course information. We’ll be in touch with the next steps shortly. 

If you’d like a head start, you can begin working through the mandatory training here

Looking forward to you hopefully becoming one of our faculty mentors!