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The Student Peer Mentoring Programme is all about connection and helping support you in your journey through higher education. When you start your course, you'll have the opportunity to connect to a more experienced student from your course or school, a student from a similar walk of life, or both!

We're always on the lookout for new mentors to support our wider community, so if you're an experienced student, read on to see how you might become a mentor yourself.

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Get advice and support from someone who’s been there before with our peer mentoring platform. You can ask questions and share experiences of university or life in general. For example, you can find out things like "Where's the best coffee on campus or the best places to study?" through to finding out top tips on managing timetables and coursework.

We are proud of our diverse and friendly student community and have trained student mentors from all walks of life and from all over the world!
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Become a Mentor

You’ve been there before. Help others succeed too

We're looking for brilliant students like you to become peer mentors. Mentoring isn’t just great for your CV - it’s a real chance to connect to students who need practical help and advice from someone just a little further along than themselves. Signing up is easy.
“You’re kinda bringing your campus together, you’re bringing students' together, in a way that might seem quite small, but it makes a big difference in a persons’ journey”
Mentor - International Buddy Scheme
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The International Buddy Scheme

“I’ve been through the same thing, and I want to help other people.”

Listen to three mentors on CUSU’s International Buddy Scheme explain the pressing need for a real, meaningful connection for new international students arriving in the UK for the first time.
Two people talking

Start a New Programme

Help students succeed with your own custom peer mentoring programme

How might students help each other to master core skills in your discipline? Or look after one another when they’re struggling?

If you’re a staff member interested in starting a new peer mentoring programme in your area of the Coventry University Group, we can help you get it off the ground.
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Turn your idea for a mentoring programme into a reality

What would have really helped you when you were new to your course? What area of expertise could a more experienced student help you with? We’d love to hear from students on what they think would make for a great new mentoring programme.

You never know - your idea could turn into our next mentoring programme and have a big impact on future students.
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International Buddies

Settle into life at Coventry

International Buddies

Settle into life at Coventry

Vygo Founders Ben Hallett and Joel Di Trapani

About Vygo

Mentors and mentees connect through Vygo, the new peer mentoring app

Students have used Vygo to connect to their peers as well as get support from staff and industry mentors in universities around the world. While it’s a new programme for us at the Coventry University Group, we’re sure this initiative will make a big difference to our students.
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How can we help?

While we can’t help with technical support for Vygo’s peer mentoring platform, we’re happy to answer general questions about peer mentoring at the Coventry University Group. Just click below to drop an email to the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University to get started.
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